Books of Interest

My list of books, those I've read, reading and those I'm interested in reading. The current highlights being a focus on thermodynamics and entropy.

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Benford's Law

Very similar to Zipf’s Law, which focused on the relationship of letters and words. Benford’s Law looks at the frequency of numbers starting with a particular number.

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Zipf's Law

Zipf’s Law, named after George Zipf, states that the frequency of any word is inversley proportional to its rank.

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I passed my Intermediate now 2E0YMV

After swatting hard, I passed my Intermediate earlier this month. A big shout out to Francis M0UKF, Lance 2E0YLD and the rest of the guys at (Online Amateur Radio Community M0OUK). These guys run a cracking Intermediate course. Just be prepared to put the time in, and you will prevail. 

I have now enrolled for the Full course with them, fingers crossed.

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I am now a licensed radio amateur callsign : M7PVW

After nearly 30 years thinking about this, and then after a concerted effort about 20 years ago; I finally took the plunge and undertook the Foundation License. Now I’m working towards my Intermediate, so fingers crossed.

With the training and exams now being readily available online, it was a real no brainer. So a massive thanks to EssexHam for their online training course. They offer an a course over a number of weeks, or if you’re impatient (as I was) you can do a crash course.

The exam is also interesting, as the RSGB provide online invigilated exams. You setup a conference call with the invigilator, then load up and log-in to the exam software. It was quite surreal; I was pondering whether there was a typo in a question and the invigilator piped up and confirm my suspicions. Other than passing the exam; it was decidedly uneventful.

See yo on the air, 73

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Steamboat Willie

Having finally built LEGO batman cave, the release of LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie, meant I need to build this too.

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Diving the Zenobia

My first diving trip abroad was the awesome wreck Zenobia. Which sank on it maiden voyage in 1980 just of the coast of Larnaca in Cyprus. The ship sank with more than 100 lorries on board and lies between 16 and 40 metres down on it’s port side. There are a number of dive operations […]

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