I am now a licensed radio amateur callsign : M7PVW

After nearly 30 years thinking about this, and then after a concerted effort about 20 years ago; I finally took the plunge and undertook the Foundation License. Now I’m working towards my Intermediate, so fingers crossed.

With the training and exams now being readily available online, it was a real no brainer. So a massive thanks to EssexHam for their online training course. They offer an a course over a number of weeks, or if you’re impatient (as I was) you can do a crash course.

The exam is also interesting, as the RSGB provide online invigilated exams. You setup a conference call with the invigilator, then load up and log-in to the exam software. It was quite surreal; I was pondering whether there was a typo in a question and the invigilator piped up and confirm my suspicions. Other than passing the exam; it was decidedly uneventful.

See yo on the air, 73

Written on January 30, 2021