I like to think that I’m an IT professional as I have worked in the industry for over 30 years. I am also an engineer with an insatiable thurst for knowledge. As a colleague I respect has reminded me on a number of occasions  “Every days a school day”.

During my career, I have worked in different disciplines; starting out as an electonics engineer, a computer programmer and for the bulk of my career I have designed, built and fixed computer networks. I suspect the reason for spending so long working in that field is that, it allows me to incorporate my experience and skills and … it is always evolving, which is totally wicked!

More recently I have ventured into academia, which addresses my desire to keep learning. As I travel a lot and don’t do television, I enrolled on a degree course with the Open University. The first module was Science (S104), a bit of a mistake as the first project was a rain gauge … from a hotel … well they say a complete failure is still a result. I very soon switched to maths, and if that wasn’t enough punishment I also enrolled and completed an MSc in Advanced Networks. 

I now have the research bug, and am currently enrolling on a part time PhD (April 2023), with the Swansea University.