Open BA/BSc

The modules I have selected to complete my Open degree are as follows:

MST121 – Using Mathematics (30 credits)

1st year module completed 2011 (now discontinued)

MS221 – Exploring Mathematics (30 credits)

2nd year module completed 2011

During 2011 I elected to undertake an MSc with the OU, as it was more aligned to my current vocation. Furthermore I was able to use 90 credits from the MSc modules in support of my Open BA/BSc.

T826 – Multilayer Switching (CCNP 3) (30 credits)

Postgraduate module completed 2011

T824 – Advanced Routing (CCNP 1) (30 credits)

Postgraduate module complete 2011

T828 – Network Security (30 credits)

Postgraduate module completed 2011

M140 – Introducing Statistics (30 credits)

Completed 2014

M208 – Pure Mathematics (60 credits)

Failed 2014

M249 – Practical Statistics (30 credits)

Completed 2016

A total of 360 credits were required by the end of 2019 for the Open BA/BSc with Honours. I elected to terminate my work towards the Bachelors Degree with the Open University at then end of 2016, primarily due to having taken on the PhD with University South Wales,