Open University

I do not watch TV much and needed something to keep the grey cells operational, furthermore I spending quite a lot of time travelling and in hotels and needed something to occupy my time. The initial idea was to address my first passion and do a Science Degree, but unfortunately doing experiments from hotel rooms was not going to work out: (Experiment1: The rain gauge!).

My second passion is Maths so I switched courses and in Jan 2011 I enrolled on the BA/BSc Mathematics Degree with the Open University.

Also during 2011, whilst looking at material I needed to study to re-certify my CCIE I noticed that the Open University had a Post Graduate MSc aligned to Cisco. I enquired as to the eligibility for me enrolling on this course and after submitting a resume I was accepted.

I completed my MSc in Advanced Networks with the Open University in February 2013 and to provide access to a wider choice of modules I switched to an Open BA/BSc,which I am aiming to complete before the end of 2019.

Having taken on a PhD, in 2015, with University South Wales Security Research Group, I have limited myself to only taking on modules worth 30 credits. This means that even allowing for the 90 credits from my MSc, I may need to change my target qualification to an Open Diploma as this only requires 240 credits.