LegoLovelace – Got 10k votes

Just had to post to say that “LEGO Ideas – Lovelace & Babbage” received the required 10,000 votes, so that it will be considered by Lego for manufacture.

This is awesome news …


The link to the Lego IDEAS page is:

What is really cool about this kit is that there is space inside the Analytical Engine to house a micro board like the RaspberryPi. Fingers crossed it gets the go ahead for manufacture.

Studies back on OU M140 & M208

Having taken a break from studies, it is necessary to pick up where I left off with my Open University Maths degree, so the modules for this year being :

M140 – Introducing Statistics

M208 – Pure Maths

The course, M140 is a band new and I’ve heard mixed reviews about the content. The website and materials appear to have been uprated from what I’ve seen before so I shall see. M208 has been around for quite some time and, but errata is still being published.

Lego is cool …

Breaking myself in gently and helping my 9 year old son to complete his Lego Star Wars models.



Anakins’s Y-wing Star Fighter


 Clone Turbo Tank (with bits missing)

 Fun was had by all, now I heard something about a death star.


Studies Over – for now

It’s been over four years since I last posted and :

  • Gus is coming up to the age of four
  • I have renewed my CCIE R&S twice
  • I have (hopefully) completed an MSc in Advanced Networks
  • I have moved house
  • I have changed jobs

(Sounds like a lot but it has been four years)

So with my New Scientist subscription in place, a RasberryPI on order and the usual unhealthy interest in science and technology, I’m back posting.



USB Extended Hub has arrived

After initial delays because of receiving a faulty unit.

My 4 Port USB extender has now arrived !

These devices are a godsend if you want to place USB devices more than (the official) 5 metres away from the PC. The solution consists of two parts :

1. A receiver which plugs into the PC
2. A transmitter which you connect your USB devices to.

Then you connect a piece of CAT5e or CAT6 cable between the two units. I have tested these units reliably up to 35 metres which is more than enough if you want to put that webcam in the greenhouse!

A word of caution though. Since they are only USB 1.1 and a camera will utilise approximately 9Mb/s (of the available 12Mb/s). Then you will not be able to connect more than one webcam per device. I have successfully managed to connect a webcam alongside a controller board (pictures).

The Plug

The usb extender was purchased via eBay over the Internet from CDL Micro. The product I purchased was their “USB 4 Port Extender Hub over Cat5e / Cat 6 Network” at a cost of £44.85 (free P&P). I cannot recommend these guys enough. Even though the first device I received was DOA. They responded promptly arrange for an RMA and replaced the faulty unit without a quibble.

Ultravox after 20 years

I have just got back from a rock concert at the Plymouth Pavillion featuring Ultravox on their “Return to Eden” tour.

Tears in my eyes

I have just one comment :

Wow it was excellent.

For my birthday this year my wife said she had got tickets to a concert.

She wouldn’t budge and tell me what it was.

All she would say is that it was a bit of a coup.

Right from the beginning it was loud and full of life. In fact about half way through Midge Ure commented that only two things have changed in time .

1. Hair follicles – referring to his baldness


2. Everyone seemed to be sitting down.

To that various comments were made but quite a number stood up.

I can say that I listen to Ultravox when their music is played but I wouldn’t say I was a big fan. That being said I recognised almost all the music that was played.

Diving Red Sea 2007

Snaps from my holiday on a liverboard on the red sea. At some point through the week my camera went into I’m going to take movies only again so I’ll have to cut these together and then publish when I get chance.