I like to think that I’m an IT professional as I have worked in the industry for over 30 years. I am also an engineer with an insatiable thurst for knowledge. As a colleague I respect has reminded me on a number of occasions  “Every days a school day”.

During my career, I have worked in different disciplines; starting out as an electonics engineer, a computer programmer and for the bulk of my carear I have designed, built and fixed computer networks. I suspect the reason for spending so long working in that field is that, it allows me to incorporate my experience and skills and … it is always evolving, which is totally wicked!

More recently I have ventured into academia, which addresses my desire to keep learning. As I travel a lot and don’t do television, I enrolled on a degree course with the Open University. The first module was Science (S104), a bit of a mistake as the first project was a rain gauge … from a hotel … well they say a complete failure is still a result. I very soon switched to maths, and if that wasn’t enough punishment I also enrolled and completed an MSc in Advanced Networks. 

I now have the research bug, and enrolled on a PhD in January 2015, with the University of South Wales Information Security Research Group. My project is to understand whether techniques developed for Natural Language Processing, can be used to fingerprint and measure HTML code functionality. The aim being to develop a filter for specific types of code.