DC Comics Super Heroes – LEGO Batman Cave

Having had this LEGO set, of the original DC Comics Bat Cave, for nearly two years. I finally found space to display it and so decided get it  built.

There are three stuctures to build;

  1. Wayne manor study, and entry to the Batman cave, including the lift
  2. Batcave Super computer
  3. Batcopter and landing pad, and park for Batmobile underneath

These structures can be connected together; with the super computer in the middle. The Wayne Manor study/batcave entrance and Batcopter/Batmobile car park can be on either side.

In addition to the locations; the set includes

  1. The Batmobile, The Batcopter and The Batbike
  2. Various tables, laboratory items from the Batcave.
  3. Original villains; Joker, Penguin, Riddler, 
  4. Original Batman and Robin
  5. Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson and Alfred.

An excellent, albeit large set.

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