Arduino Libraries uploaded to Github

I was introduced to blink and the Arduino ecosystem a few years ago, by a friend who was, at that time, building an engine management system for his kit car. Since then he’s moved on to building a car in a box, which is based on a Peugeot, and provides a platform that can be used to hack the multitude of computers that now make up a car. He has made extensive use of Arduino microprocessors to simulate and detect CAN bus messages in his pursuit.

In my earlier life I have developed realtime systems, and since my introduction to Arduino, it has often proven easier to simulate what I want to do, with an Espressif ESP8266 or ESP32 using the Arduino IDE, than to deploy to a RaspberryPi. (And ESP32 uses FreeRtos).

I have always meant to upload and share the code I write, the problem has always been to make it useful before doing so, which takes time.  Building code as part of a complex system, or hacking something together is not very useful.

I have now started uploading code from a couple of projects; Solar, Home Automation and something I’m currently looking at, managing a Bitcoin AntMiner.


ESP32_GetSolaxRealtimeData – monitors a Solax Inverter and controls remote power switches.

ESP8266_TimerPowerSwitch – a decentralised power switch system, using the SONOFF basic hardware (ESP8266).

Arduino Classes

SolaxInverter – monitors a Solax inverter.

AntminerS9 – monitors the status of an AntMiner S9.



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