Cisco V3PN & QoS on ADSL Uk for VoIP

SoHo workers now share their lines with other PC’s in the house. The following is a config snippet from my router to provide some protection for my VoIP and business traffic.

! policy and classes to mark local incoming traffic
! whilst QoS pre-clasify should be used I have found it
! unreliable on certain IOS releases.  Also this allows us
! to be more specific about how we want to handle our traffic.
class-map match-all BIZAPPS1_VLAN1
 match access-group name BIZAPPS1    ! an acl to match biz apps
class-map match-all BIZAPPS2_VLAN1
 match access-group name BIZAPPS2    ! an acl to match biz apps
class-map match-all SCAVENGER_VLAN1
 match access-group name SCAVENGER   ! low priority stuff
policy-map VLAN1
  set dscp af21                      ! low drop probability
  set dscp af22                      ! med drop probability
  set dscp cs1
! Policy and Classes to on outbound connection
class-map match-all BIZAPPS
 match  dscp cs2  af21  af22  af23   ! all business aps
class-map match-any VOICE_SIG
 match  dscp cs3                     ! new dscp values signalling
 match  dscp af31                    ! old dscp value signalling
class-map match-all SCAVENGER
 match  dscp cs1                     ! unwanted traffic
class-map match-any IPCONTROL
 match  dscp cs6                     ! routing protocols etc
class-map match-all VOICE_RTP
 match  dscp ef                      ! voice packets
! Based on using no more than 30% for voice traffic this policy
! is enough for two voice calls (52k). DSL has a fixed uplink speed
! so I have used percentages to make carving up easier. Where a pipe
! which is likely to have speed changes it might be easier to use
! absolute 'bandwidth' statements to simplify calculations.
! NB: You cannot mix absolute and percentages in the same
! policy-map so decide up front what you are going to use.
policy-map V3PNWAN
 class VOICE_RTP
  priority 52 5348            ! 52k for 2 voice calls
 class VOICE_SIG
  bandwidth percent 5         ! 5% for call control traffic
  bandwidth percent 5         ! 5% for routing protocols etc
 class BIZAPPS
  bandwidth percent 30        ! 30% for business apps
  bandwidth percent 1         ! limit scavenger to 1%
  class class-default
! The device snippets are just enough info to show how the
! policys are applied and any other relevant settings.
interface ATM0
no ip address
no ip redirects
no ip unreachables
no ip proxy-arp
no atm ilmi-keepalive
dsl operating-mode auto
interface ATM0.1 point-to-point
 bandwidth 384                   ! your upstream speed
 pvc 0/38
 vbr-nrt 384 384                 ! your upstream speed
 tx-ring-limit 3                 ! tx-ring set to 3
 encapsulation aal5mux ppp dialer
 dialer pool-member 1
 service-policy out V3PNWAN      ! associate to phys interface
interface Dialer0
 ip tcp adjust-mss 542           ! make tcp packets much smaller
interface Tunnel0
 qos pre-classify                ! allow acls based on pre-encrypted data

Good luck