Ultravox after 20 years

I have just got back from a rock concert at the Plymouth Pavillion featuring Ultravox on their “Return to Eden” tour.

Tears in my eyes

I have just one comment :

Wow it was excellent.

For my birthday this year my wife said she had got tickets to a concert.

She wouldn’t budge and tell me what it was.

All she would say is that it was a bit of a coup.

Right from the beginning it was loud and full of life. In fact about half way through Midge Ure commented that only two things have changed in time .

1. Hair follicles – referring to his baldness


2. Everyone seemed to be sitting down.

To that various comments were made but quite a number stood up.

I can say that I listen to Ultravox when their music is played but I wouldn’t say I was a big fan. That being said I recognised almost all the music that was played.